Nip Shoppe Cafe

Coffee Cup

Wake Me Up Specialties

Mocha Nippichino
Warm Buttered Chipmunk
Hot Glowing Eyeballs
Electric Whiskers Americano
Red Bulldog
Thermos Nuclear Bomb

From the Grille

Smoked Songbird
What the Cat Dragged In
Country Hamster N Biscuits


Finch Fries
Breaded Bug Legs

 Nip Shoppe Cafe customer

Cooling Smoothies

Cat Grass N'Cream
Raw Liver Power Blend
Mouse Brain Protein Shake

Lighter Fare

Low-cal Butter Bites
Gerber Chicken Baby Food
Chickadee Salad
Buffalo Budgie Wings

Don't Forget Dessert

Blackbird Pie
Chocolate Mouse