Tom and Martin - founders


The Nip Shopped was founded in 1979 by two college cats, Tom Twitchitail and Martin Pawclaw, during their sophomore year at Felinia College. They met in a marketing class where they discovered that they both shared an interest in the pyschological and medical benefits of catnip.

Early Success

Although at the time, catnip was barely legal, they started a small business to procurenipfor their fellow fraternity brothers. To their surprise, their customer base expanded rapidly, partly due to their thorough knowledge of catnip quality and variety.

Continuing Success!

Soon, Felinia residents were enjoying catnip varieties that had previously been only available in places like Catalonia and Katmandu. The business became so successful that Tom and Martin became Felinia's most successful feline entrepreneurs and were featured on the front page of the Wealthy Cats Magazine,

Incredible Success!!

From its simple beginnings in a college dormitory, today, The Nip Shoppe is run from a 20-acre office park with 5 warehouses and an ultramodern distribution center. A new facility has just been built to conduct catnip research. You can find "Ultra Catnip Oil' at your local pharmacy - one of the many medicinal oils recently introduced to the expanding collection of catnip products.

Success, Success, and More Success!!!

Despite all the success, Tom and Marin still have a hands-on approach to managing their nearly 200 employees, all of whom enjoy discount Nip Shoppe products as a perk for their employment. Their showroom on Main Street, Felinia is open 6 days a week.